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This small table-like lighting is made of Triaxial Woven Fabric. It is a very suitable design to spend your own time with before you sleep.You can put a glass of wine, a book of reading, your smartphone on it since it also can be used as a small table. Woven textiles usually remind us a composition of two directional fabrication.If so, what would be imagined with “ Triaxial Woven Fabrics” a composition of horizontal ,vertical and “angled” fabrication ? Triaxial Woven Fabrics form stable “hexagonal” shapes,and when composed,achieve high durability to tensions from any directions. Originally inspired from traditional baskets woven patterns,only Sakase Adtech Co., Ltd. realized to apply into manufacturing products.Always the evolving have began with weak ones,in otherwords "FRAGILEs”.It is a fragile table-like lighting designed to expect some evolution to happen in your daily life.

MATERIALS:Triaxial Woven Heated Fabric(Sakase Adtech Co., Ltd.)+hook/ATTACHMENT:E12 bulb socket,LED bulb,X-BASE:Alminium+white paint