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CONSENTABLE/MT is a multipurpose table made of cypress wood, a material that has been traditionally used for Japanese shrines and temples. You can store tableware, such as chopsticks and place mats, as well as work-related items, such as notebook PCs and documents, in any of the 6 drawers. With a power strip with an extension cord that runs through the groove of a table leg, you can get electricity for various appliances you may want to use around the table.

(1)Finish size: W1600 × D900 × H730 Water paint finish
※Oil finish is also available.
※If you want to change the size, please fill in the comment field. (If you want to change the size, we will estimate the price.)
(2)Delivered product
・ One table body
- Six drawers (all wiring possible)
- Vase for the top plate wiring port (A glass test tube is used.)

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¥495,000 tax included